Investment in Solar Projects

We have some lucrative power purchase agreements with solar power buyers. Investment in these projects can offer you IRR of upto 13% per annum. contact us for investment opportunities. you can invest in project sizes of 50KW upwards .

Invest in Bati Energy

We started with just an idea. An idea to contribute in fight against climate change. we have survived the hardships of growing through cut-throat competition, without external funding support. we have grown from within ourselves as a company in last four years. This is your chance to make a difference, by investing in company that offers green power solutions across the spectrum.

Investing with us, you invest in the future of mankind!

  1. Growth. We have grown from scratch, with less than 10000 USD Revenues in 2015-2016, to more than a million dollar in Reveneus in 2018-2019. This growth shows our continuous dedication to promotion of solar power solutions. we are backed by 10 year history of making a difference. w!
  2. Transparency. Our company is built on human values of transparency, honesty and faith in human abilities. with this tools of progress become easy even with the kind of chaotic world we live in today. 
  3. Innovation. When it comes to innovations, we remain on the forefront. our current project involves, futuristic designs of semi transparent solar panels, with dual or multiple land / roof usages.
  4. Diversification. We are planning to diversify into solar powered on-site power solutions as well as IOT based solar automation systems. when it comes to solar, no one knows the opportunities and pitfalls better than us.  

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